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‘When will automation take over the trucking industry? Scientists now have an estimate’ – Mic, Online

Image: Uber-owned Otto is perfecting the technology that will let trucks drive themselves. Source: Tony Avelar/AP There’s no shortage of studies and analysis suggesting that robots can potentially take our jobs. But exactly how far away are we from losing our livelihoods to automation? Artificial intelligence experts with the BBC surveyed 352 scientists about automation,Continue Reading »

‘This New Trump Plan Could Be the Answer to Millennial Job Woes’ – Fortune Magazine, Online

Source: Fortune Magazine – On Thursday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to substantially increase the number of U.S. apprenticeships from the current 500,000 (minuscule for the size of the economy) by doubling the amount the government spends on apprenticeship programs. Trump’s emphasis on this plan is cause for optimism that he will significantly improveContinue Reading »